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18 December 2020, by Siân Hoskins

TwentyTwo has launched PORTFOLIO22, a flexible lease and property administration platform that provides expert virtual lease administration and property management to businesses that either own or lease their premises/property. 

An extension of our property advisory practice, the launch comes as a result of increasing requests from clients who want to focus more on their strategic projects and core business than the day-to-day lease administration and portfolio management.

PORTFOLIO22 is led by Associate Principal and Practice Lead for Portfolio Management, Rob Campbell, along with Advisers Steffi McKeown and Daniel Longmire.

Rob says, “Our platform offers full flexibility allowing businesses to either fully outsource their lease administration and property management or retain some of the responsibility in-house. We develop tailored, scalable solutions that best meet our clients’ needs and budgets and also recommend any wider initiatives to ensure each client has an appropriate level of strategy, systems and processes in place”.

PORTFOLIO22 gives you access to seasoned and qualified property professionals at a fraction of the cost of recruiting and training an in-house team.

Engagements typically start with a three-step process of a Forensic Audit, Implementation of PORTFOLIO22, followed by Transaction and Advisory Support.

If you’d like to find out more about our PORTFOLIO22 platform, download our brochure and contact Rob to explore how TwentyTwo could design a solution for your business.


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