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Britt celebrates year one at TwentyTwo

15 October 2023, by Britt Griffin

Having recently celebrated her one-year anniversary as Adviser in the TwentyTwo Tribe, Britt Griffin reflects on the whirlwind of experiences, challenges and triumphs during that time and highlights what she’s looking forward to from here…

“From the outset, I knew the role was going to be a big step up in my career and it was going to come with challenges. But I certainly didn’t expect to be at the point I am now a year down the track! I was growing my skill set in commercial property and it was initially very intimidating but I’ve learnt to hold my own and now see the relationships I’ve built with clients as one of my greatest successes so far. It’s rewarding because they trust me for advice and it’s great to get good feedback too. It’s been wicked! I’ve learnt so much” says Britt.

Her role over the last year has focused mainly on the Portfolio22 side of TwentyTwo making every day different – and each with new and exciting challenges. 

A few highlights for Britt include facilitating successful commercial property transactions, forging those strong relationships with clients, colleagues and industry professionals, expanding her knowledge in lease negotiations and gaining valuable insight into the constantly changing commercial property market and trends. 

“There’s no typical day. Working on so many different projects and looking after a portfolio brings various aspects. It’s always moving so it can be a juggling act.

“But TwentyTwo has a unique culture that’s defined by non-stop care and support. It’s not just a check-in once a month” says Britt, “it’s continuous. The team constantly asks me questions like ‘do you need capacity there?’, ‘can I support you here?’ and take time out of their days to advise, especially with me being young and quite new. The chance to sit down and run through things so I’m always learning makes such a difference and, as a result, I feel like my knowledge and understanding this year has just gone through the roof. The team very much understood my learning paths and saw weaknesses that I could work on and grow and better them. 

“Probably my biggest challenge in the last year was learning to take a wide point of view – taking that step back – on a client situation and trying to find the best solution for them – while also retaining a high attention to detail.

“I’ve been mainly office-based but, in the next couple of weeks, I’m looking forward to going on-site. It’s great seeing new clients potentially going into a new space, helping to build that excitement for them and searching for the best possible solution.

“I’m particularly excited about a couple of things as I embark on year two at TwentyTwo. TwentyTwo’s really supported me in getting my REA and, while it’s been a long journey, it should be completed by the end of this year. I’m also looking forward to bettering my understanding of the Advisory22 side and learning a different side of agreements or negotiations and further honing my skills in that area overall. 

“One thing that really stands out with TwentyTwo over previous jobs is that I wake up wanting to go to work every day! I don’t need to drag myself there. I wake up and just go”.


About the author

Footballer, skier, loves to socialise, brings a burst of fashion colour. If lost, can be found at the nearest winery.

Britt joined the TwentyTwo Tribe in 2022 as part of the Advisory team, having previously worked as part of a national property team and an asset management consultant in Wellington. Working out of our Wellington and Auckland offices, Britt has a passion for championing her clients and getting the best outcome for their unique needs. She works across our Advisory22and Portfolio22 practice areas, helping manage diverse portfolios of owned and leased property, as well as creating premises briefs, undertaking market searches, developing stay/go analysis, preparing commercial term sheets, resolving rent reviews and negotiating leases.

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