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A flexible solution for a new organisational design

The government had asked Pharmac to extend its successful model to cover other medical purchasing, resulting in staff numbers needing to increase from 85 to around 130. Their current workspace could not accommodate this growth.

Pharmac’s new Chief Executive, Steffan Crausaz, was also restructuring the organisation to realign responsibilities and resources with the new government mandate.

Pharmac engaged TwentyTwo to create an economic and flexible solution to accommodate these changes to the organisation.

After looking at a range of options, an additional floor in Simpl House was secured by moving existing tenants. This allowed the growth to be accommodated and Pharmac’s tenancy to be reconfigured to support the new organisational design.

clients pharmac

TwentyTwo worked with Steffan to create a new type of workplace within the building that would support new, more collaborative ways of working, but still provide places where staff could concentrate on the highly detailed, analytical work that many undertook.

TwentyTwo helped Pharmac engage Creative Spaces to pick up the workplace concepts, compete the design and deliver the solution.

Joining Z Energy on their change journey

While Z Energy was planning to transform their organisation from Shell to a distinctly NZ-owned and focused business, the time had also come to renegotiate their head office lease in Wellington.

TwentyTwo led the project to redevelop their current premises into a new workplace that was aligned with the new Z Energy brand, culture and point of difference under development.

Through in-depth engagement, we worked with the Leadership and Change teams to develop a Strategic Design Brief for the fitout that incorporated emerging workplace practice and we led the commercial negotiations for a new lease agreement. A key part of the project was working with the building owner’s team to reconfigure elements of the building to fit with Z’s requirements. We also needed to demonstrate how these changes added value to their building.

client zenergy

Consequently, the existing Queens Wharf premises have been radically reconfigured into the 'Z Shed', an exciting new home for an enlightened 'new NZ business'. As an enlightened organisation, Z has used the changes in the physical workspace as a key part of their change journey.

Lease negotiation for Wellington head office

TwentyTwo is currently working with TEC on renegotiating their head office lease in Wellington to allow TEC to undertake a new fitout to better meet their requirements.

Lease renegotiation for Christchurch office

TwentyTwo has assisted Pitney Bowes to renegotiate their Christchurch lease and resolve the lease exit and reinstatement settlement for their Wellington premises.

A variety of projects for Canon in NZ

We are currently working with Canon on several projects across New Zealand, including renegotiating current leases and leasing new premises.

A new lease of life for the Nursing Council

For more than five years, the Nursing Council had been putting up with a poorly maintained building. As their lease was ending, they decided to move to new accommodation. After looking at 12 or more options, they became frustrated at the lack of choice of good buildings in their price range. 

By working with the existing landlord in a constructive way, TwentyTwo managed to get commitments to improve the building and to renegotiate a sharp rental. TwentyTwo also helped the Nursing Council work with staff to understand what they thought was important in their new workplace and how the existing layouts could be modified to achieve it. 

clients nursing council

The result was a new layout that staff are proud of and that supports the Nursing Council in its new direction. 

Community focus for Auckland premises

TwentyTwo has assisted Sport NZ to lease new premises in Auckland to create a 'community base' for several Auckand-based sporting organisations.

New premises that leverage business change

Baycorp had been developing strategies to rebuild the New Zealand business for two years. A lease end at their existing premises gave them an opportunity to use the move to new premises as a catalyst for the necessary business changes.

Baycorp wanted to provide better and new services to their clients, develop new product offerings and improve staff retention.

TwentyTwo led the process to negotiate the contract for the new premises in the Oracle Building in Victoria St West. They then helped Baycorp envisage what sort of work environment would best support the business changes. This was all done in a very tight timeline, with no margin of error as their existing building was being converted into apartments. 

TwentyTwo also selected the Stack as the fitout architects and led all of the workstreams required to establish the new office. This included communications with staff and the development of the 'Move In' guide.

Staff turnover in the existing premises was 45% and staff had, over the years, become complacent in their attitudes to clients. If Baycorp was to rebuild their business, these had to change.

clients baycorp

Conceiving an open and connected layout on one floor where the contact centre staff had the best space, helped lift the attitude of staff. Also providing a generous staff socialisation space helped bring the organisation together.

The new space feels professional and smart and has re-energised the business. One of the best accolades about the new premises came from a staff member who commented after only being there a week: “It feels like we have always been here”.

New premises planning and procurement for Rabobank

Building on our long-term relationship with Rabobank, TwentyTwo led the planning and procurement of new premises in Wellington for Rabobank’s head office
and RaboDirect business. This included working closely with the NZ management team and Sydney-based property team to develop a robust brief, explore alternative options, evaluate final options and negotiate commercial lease terms.

clients rabobank

Helping CAA take flight to the CBD

CAA regulates civil aviation in New Zealand. It checks that the rules are being complied with and monitors safety and security performance throughout the aviation community. 

CAA had operated from Petone and Lower Hutt for a number of years. As part of the strengthening of CAA’s relationships with the sector and key stakeholders, the decision was taken to relocate its head office to Wellington’s CBD. 

TwentyTwo acted as Lead Adviser, undertaking engagement with CAA’s management and staff, strategic briefing, market searches and premises procurement negotiations. TwentyTwo also led the development of a workplace strategy and briefing of the fitout architects, Studio of Pacific Architecture. Dean Croucher sat on the project’s Steering Committee alongside the CEO and other senior managers. 

clients caa 

CAA occupies Level 15 and part of Level 14 of 55 Featherson Street (Asteron House). These floors are connected by an internal stair adjacent to the leadership team area and staff time-out space. This helps support communication between groups and connection with the leaders. 

Major leasing transactions for Crown agencies

TwentyTwo continues to work alongside the Property Management Centre of Expertise when Crown agencies are negotiating major leasing transactions. Recent examples include:
  • Ministry of Health: 133 Molesworth Street, Wellington (22,000 m2 including decant space)
  • Ministry of Education: 33 Bowen Street, Wellington (12,000 m2)
  • Tertiary Education Commission and others: 44 The Terrace, Wellington (8,000 m2)
  • MBIE: Stout Street, Wellington (20,000 m2)
  • Ministry of Education and others: KEB Site, Christchurch (5,000 m2)

Innovating on a variety of projects

TwentyTwo is continuing to work with Callaghan Innovation on a range of projects including developing a National Property Strategy, leading the leasing of new premises and providing master planning and related advice for the Gracefield campus.

Property planning puts students first

WelTec and Whitireia operate as independent industry training providers (ITP’s), but have developed a strategic partnership to provide a comprehensive range of programmes for the Wellington region. The strategic partnership includes a joint Council (Board) and joint Academic Board.

As part of their joint planning, TwentyTwo has worked with councillors, chief executives and senior management to provide a comprehensive property strategy to align property planning with the strategic intent of the partnership and to deliver on the ‘students first’ philosophy.

To supplement our knowledge, we partnered with Brian Elliott (Stapleton Elliott), an expert in vocational education facilities planning and design and Donald Clark, an IT strategist.

clients weltec whiteria

A property programme that's aligned with change

In recent years, the Department of Corrections re-focused its organisation and programmes on its commitment to reduce reoffending by 25% by 2017. 

The Department has a planned capital expenditure programme of $350 million to optimise its property portfolio.

Corrections engaged TwentyTwo to review the alignment of its organisation change programme 'Creating Lasting Changing' with its property programmes and create a framework for future property decisions.

This framework was completed in 2014 and has been signed off by the Department.

clients department of corrections

A national plan for office premises

TwentyTwo has assisted the Ministry in developing a National Property Plan for the national network of office premises.

A property solution that's up to speed

As a fast-growing technology business, Intergen needed a property solution that could support such rapid growth. 

Intergen had signed up to their building two years earlier but their building owner had not met the commitments to refurbish it. The business had also grown so quickly that they already needed more space.

They asked us to sort it out for them leaving them to get on with running the business, without property hassles risking their future growth.  

We worked through the issues that were delaying the building upgrade works and negotiated a smart deal with the building owner for additional space. We also developed a more efficient and flexible concept for their workspace; developing a Strategic Design Brief and furniture concept for their Wellington head office. 

clients intergen

We continue to be involved in further projects across their Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin offices.

New workplace and fitout for the Commission

TwentyTwo has assisted the Commission renegotiate their current head office lease in Wellington as part of the wider Crown negotiation for this building. This work includes developing a new workplace and fitout concept.

Breaking down organisational boundaries

NZDF moved into their new building in Aitkin St, Wellington in 2007. At that stage, the new layouts represented a considerable change in how staff worked and interacted. 

Since then, the organisation has continued to evolve and, in 2012, asked TwentyTwo to create a vision of a workplace of the future that would support changes in staff’s work patterns and behaviours.

This new vision resulted in two projects; the first was creating a new café and collaborative area on the top floor of the building overlooking the harbour. 

The objective of this project was to encourage the various parts of the organisation to interact across organisational boundaries. It also gave staff a wider range of informal meeting spaces to carry out their collaboration. 

The new café, aptly named the Freyberg Club, is now complete. One of the testaments of its success is that it is always busy. It seems that NZDF staff now use it as their preferred place to meet.

The second project was a new workplace, also on Level 7 of the building. This workspace was created as a pilot to test a range of new ways of working for NZDF staff.

clients nz defence force

The layouts included a new workspace with non-allocated desks and a range of informal collaboration spaces supported with AV technology. This allowed the NZDF Technology staff to work with various internal clients, external vendors and contractors in new flexible and interactive ways. 

A post-occupancy assessment of the workspace revealed that it not only accommodates staff 20% more efficiently, but it has improved the business outcomes for this part of the organisation.

It is intended to fine-tune aspects of the pilot workspace before rolling out the concept in other parts of the building.

A variety of projects for Internal Affairs

TwentyTwo is continuing to work with DIA on a range of projects including developing a National Property Strategy, leading the leasing of new premises and developing a workplace 'strategy' for National Office.

Quitline premises on top form for productivity

Quitline is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers smoking cessation services for New Zealanders. Their lease was ending at their premises and they realised that this was an opportunity to re-think how their accommodation could better support the business.

The operational hub of Quitline is their contact centre. The key to a more effective business for them was being able to better connect the staff in this contact centre with the rest of the business. This required premises that allowed the organisation to be accommodated on one floor and the ability to create a central space where people from all parts of the business could socialise together.

TwentyTwo identified Level 2 of Willeston House as an option that could meet Quitline’s requirements.

An affordable solution was also a key driver for Quitline. TwentyTwo managed to negotiate competitive rental and flexibility in the lease term to reduce the risk of ongoing liabilities, should their three-year contract with the Ministry of Health not be renewed.

clients quitline

TwentyTwo was able to show how minor changes to existing layouts on the floor could save hundreds of thousands of dollars of fitout costs. This really gave Quitline an affordable solution.

Quitline is now reaping the benefits of a workplace that is helping their business be more effective and their staff more productive.