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A successful dive into better business cases

14 February 2024, by Katherine Jones

As we launch into a new year, TwentyTwo’s Katherine Jones took a proactive start, jumping into some personal development with APMG International's Better Business Case course.

Katherine’s commitment to continuous learning and professional development reflects TwentyTwo's dedication to staying at the forefront of industry practices. "As Katherine applies her new skills in the working environment of TwentyTwo, we look forward to seeing the positive impact on our projects and practices" says TwentyTwo’s Managing Director, Dean Croucher.

The Better Business Case course covers varied and comprehensive skills, ranging from organisational change, project and programme planning and project management.

"I believe these skills will serve as a bridge, facilitating connections between my work in both the Strategy22 and Advisory22 practice areas at TwentyTwo" says Katherine.

"Congratulations Katherine! Your learnings not only strengthen your capabilities but the collective expertise of the TwentyTwo Tribe!" says Dean.


About the author

Puzzle queen, maths whizz, loves to bake and swim. Possesses a green thumb which she uses to grow anything edible.

Katherine joined the TwentyTwo Strategy team in 2022. Since then, Katherine has been supporting high-level, interactive client engagements across a variety of clients and sectors. She applies her passion for solving puzzles to helping understand how property can better support businesses fulfil their aspirations. Katherine’s strength lies in her strong analytical acuity and transforming property data into easy-to-understand dashboards so senior leaders can better understand the impact of their decisions.

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