New Tenant Briefs page outlines client requirements

A key part of our unique end-to-end process is to intimately understand each property market and ensure our clients have visibility on the the widest range of accommodation and property options.

To help uncover all the options, we typically use an RFP process to obtain proposals directly from owners and their appointed leasing agents. This ensures ‘all stones are unturned’ and creates competitive tension in the market to ensure commercially robust deals are completed.

Unlike many other advisers who generally rely on a preferred leasing agent as their ‘eyes and ears on the ground’, our clients retain control of the procurement process which greatly improves their negotiating leverage – and ultimately reduces cost and risk.

Managing Partner Dean Croucher explains, “Experience shows us that no one leasing agent can cover all options in a large and complex market – you generally get shown the space where they have a listing. If you rely on one agent to represent your interests, you run the risk of being driven down a particular path without fully canvassing all options; let alone not being provided truly independent advice as typically the agent is paid by the landlord!”

The addition of a Tenant Briefs page on our website provides a clear point of reference for owners, leasing agents and the market to access key information on our clients’ requirements and to liaise with the TwentyTwo team.

For more information on how you can use this process if you are thinking about new premises, contact Dean.


Dean Croucher

Managing Director

Thought-leader, creator and collaborator. Dean leads TwentyTwo’s strategic business initiatives, continuously driving our innovation and…
16 June 2015

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