Chris Ware: What’s your career plan?

Chris Ware shares what he calls his ‘non-traditional’ journey into commercial property consulting and becoming an Associate Principal at TwentyTwo.

What do you love about property/consulting?

It’s busy, it’s varied; one minute you’re talking to an architect, the next an engineer, then a landlord or to your client. No day is ever the same.

Where did your career journey begin?

I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies in Management so I didn’t have a Property degree. I’d just spent my summer holidays working as a builders’ labourer and got to the end of university and thought ‘What do I want to be? What do I want to do?’ And I thought property seemed a good segue. So I applied for a number of jobs and landed one at Livingston’s (now Colliers). 

I spent nearly five years there learning property management and its ins and outs and then decided I needed a change and decided to go internal. So I went to the Ministry of Health where I met the guys at TwentyTwo, including Dean and Duncan, and eventually I approached them for a job. I said ‘Can I come work for you because I want to learn from you? I like the consulting side and it seems varied and busy’. I liked some of the projects I’d seen them working on from when I was at the Ministry of Health. It was a non-traditional way of getting into property.

When did you join the TwentyTwo Tribe?

Nearly nine years ago in 2014. I’m a very old Tribe member!

What’s your next career step from here?

For me, it’s continuing to develop my network and client base. The guys always tell me you’ve got to continue to perfect the art of being a consultant – having the courage to challenge your clients and landlords – basically challenge everyone on the project to make sure we are making the right calls.

What advice would you give a younger you?

Back yourself. I entered property not knowing what a Deed of Lease was. I entered Colliers not knowing what a Deed of Lease was. I went to the Ministry of Health not knowing what a Building Performance Specification was. So back yourself because you can learn it and then it’s just the art of how you present yourself and negotiate transactions.

We’re currently looking for Property Advisers with more than two years’ transferable experience – ideally with an REAA licence or willing to study for one – to work with key people in large organisations to help ensure their property decisions are aligned with their strategy. Full job ad here…

Email us if you’re interested in learning more about a career in property consulting.

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