Britt and Katherine give their insights on month one

Our recent new Advisers, Britt Griffin on our Advisory team and Katherine Jones on Strategy, gave Emma Barker their insights on their first month with TwentyTwo. 

Britt Griffin

Britt works out of our Wellington and Auckland offices on our Advisory and Portfolio22 practice areas. In this video, she particularly highlights our supportive culture – “it stands out for me”. “I didn’t realise how broad the company was and how everyone touches on all parts of the business and how much capability everyone has” she continues. “I think you’re learning from the best of the best. I feel like I’ve landed on my feet here”.

Katherine Jones

Katherine works with Duncan Mitchell in our Strategy team helping organisations understand how their investment in property, infrastructure and other assets can be a catalyst for wider change and can deliver transformative outcomes for their strategic intent. In the video, she talks about how different the job is every day – “What one client wants is drastically different to what another client wants – especially in the Strategy area. It’s finding the solutions that people don’t realise they’re looking for”.


Emma Barker

Marketing Manager

Digital curator and problem solver. Emma leads our marketing and communications efforts. Her marketing skills…
10 November 2022

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