Aligning Technology With Staff Experience

As the workplace environment continues to evolve, focus is shifting to mobility, flexibility and staff experience. As such, selecting technology for employees that meets their working needs and individual work styles becomes more daunting and important. 

Studies have shown a strong correlation between employees’ productivity and retention and the technology they use at work. This reinforces the need to ensure that the technology you select will best support the employees who use it.

Today, many of our technology choices are driven by our IT departments or by perceived value from another stakeholder, without true consideration for the wants and needs of the people who will have to use it. 

Set technology goals

Before investing in the next bright and shiny new technology, it’s important to look at how it will be used; understanding what users are trying to achieve at work, what they need to succeed and understanding how, where and when they want to work. 

By taking this approach, workers will have the tools they need to focus on the tasks at hand and be truly productive. Done correctly, this approach also shifts IT’s focus from calming hesitant stakeholders to embracing technology believers. 

Today, all workers work differently. So how can you make sure that everyone has the right equipment for their work style to deliver what’s best for the organisation?

Start by setting some goals around your technology. Do you want to make the team more productive and motivated? Are you hiring more remote staff? Is the business changing focus? Are you struggling to attract and retain staff? 

Focusing on needs and wants

Now talk to your employees and focus conversations not only on the needs of their jobs, but also their wants. How much time do they spend at their desks? What did they want to achieve recently with technology, but couldn’t? What applications are they using? Use all of this information to create specific categories of users. 

Embracing technology and making it part of a more integrated platform can yield significant productivity benefits. However, it all starts with selecting the right tools for the job.

At TwentyTwo, we believe that understanding your workplace is the key to success. Understanding your staff’s relationship with technology and how they use it is crucial to providing the right solution. So start discussions now that will allow employees and your organisation to start experiencing the future of work.


Matthew Peko-Fox

Practice Lead: Technology22

Technology strategist and troubleshooter. Matthew provides strategic technology advice across all practice areas, as we…
01 September 2017

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