Adjusting to new ways of working? That’s what we do

I’ve been following a lot of the online comms in the last few days – emails from various clients and service providers and social media chat. 

In typical ‘can-do’ Kiwi spirit, businesses across the country are quickly scrambling their Business Continuity Plans to cope with COVID-19. This includes asking staff to work from home and trialling how well their remote technology works. And there’s a range of stories and advice emerging on how to make this happen successfully.

TwentyTwo is well-placed to help with this change. It’s what we do. 

While we typically support clients with strategy and projects (not crisis-focused events like this), our team has a wide range of skills and experience and all it takes to roll up our sleeves, get stuck in and help to:

  • Keep your people safe and productive
  • Gear up your technology and make sure it works
  • Put in place the rights comms, training and support

This is what we do!

Our Workplace team has a diverse range of skills and experience

  • Matt Rogers is our workplace technology whiz – he can help assess how your technology can work remotely and with the myriad of related issues (telephony, AV, data, remote access, video conferencing, the cloud, network support, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc) to keep your teams productive and connected
  • Nick Ray is our expert in work practices – making sure each team has the right tools, settings and facilities in place to best match their needs – recognising each has different needs
  • Alice Conway is our comms and change champion – she’ll help put in place the right comms to your teams to ease their concerns and practical training to help them quickly adjust
  • Duncan Mitchell provides our strategic lens – making sure you focus on what will make the biggest difference

So, if you’re having to very quickly adapt and find a new way of working or just need an extra pair of hands, get in touch. We’ve done this before.


Dean Croucher

Managing Director

Thought-leader, creator and collaborator. Dean leads TwentyTwo’s strategic business initiatives, continuously driving our innovation and…
22 March 2020

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